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Who Are We?

Story Partners is a recruitment agency first.

We find the best talent in the market for our clients’ open and urgent roles. Story Partners has an internal team of relational recruiters skilled in story telling that live to tell our clients story to top talent. 

We are also creative disrupters.

For clients that see our vision to bring game changing content to the recruiting world, we offer dynamic video campaigns and brand consulting to serve multiple use cases in their company, not the least of which is building them a great team!

Our Recruiting Service.

Find top talent for your most urgent roles.
Using a relational recruiting and masterful storytelling approach.

Our Recruiting Service.

Find top talent for your most urgent roles. Using a relational recruiting and masterful storytelling approach.

We get it!

Attracting Talent   
Hiring Talent
is expensive.

Building a great team
is costly

Let us help maximize your dollar and drive down your cost. We’ll attract the best talent while also bolstering your current culture. How in the world will we do that? Great question!
Work with us

Value Proposition

Companies spend hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars on staffing and marketing materials.
We will generate a video campaign so good you'll want it front and center of your website.
If you hire us to fill 6 or more roles within a 12 month span, the video package is included in the recruiting service.
Otherwise, schedule a quote based on scope of work.

How it works

Capture the Story
Catch the vision and mission of the company from founders, key leaders, staff members, and key customers.
Curate the Story
Create a world-class, dynamic video campaign that showcases the mission, values, and heart of your business.
Tell the Story
Reawaken your current team’s enthusiasm and alignment with your mission. Appeal to top talent looking for the best and brightest teams. 

Step by Step

Film Team
Recruiting Team
Immediately starts building a pipeline and submitting the best candidates for your most urgent roles
Film Team
Takes 1-2 days to grab footage and 1-2 weeks to edit and perfectly craft your story.
Approval of Final Product
Make sure the videos we create align with your vision.
Recruiting Team
Supply our team with the Impact Videos to send to the top talent in our awaiting pipeline.
Approval of Final Product
Build Your Team
Build Your Team
Start the interview and onboarding process for the candidates you select
Our Brand and Story Specialists
Work with your marketing team and PR department to optimize the videos in various other aspects of your business.

How we are different

We add immediate value by investing in your current team and generating raving fans on all sides of the table.
We use the power of video to bolster your team’s passion, inspire your team to share that passion, and enable top talent to see your passion, your vision, and your impact. 
We disrupt the old traditional headhunting methods. We replace spam emails and clickbait misdirection with powerful videos that tell your story. This creates an emotional impact, a deeper connection to your brand, and inspiration for everyone watching. 


See what people are saying
Story Partners recruited a candidate very fast for a position that we had open on the marketing team. The candidate has added a lot of value quickly and was promoted within a year. I would recommend Tom and his team for any of your recruiting needs!
CEO of YippieTV
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The Story Partners team has a keen eye for company culture and a unique ability to communicate it well. Candidates engaged our interview process with a clear understanding of our values and expectations, so there was an early alignment with the staff that Story Partners helped to place. They found the talent. They told our story. We've been able to build out our team with vested people who fit our culture and further our mission.
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We’re a unique group of individuals from varied walks of life that
all share a love of story and a passion for bringing people together.
Tom Nearing
Laura Jangaard
Operations Director
Jordan Bellamy
Travis Dahlin
Tech Recruiter
Evan May
Recruiting Manager
Jessica Vukson
Real Estate Recruiter
Sandy Vukson
Neil Sanchez


Ben Furgeson
Film & Media Consultant
Anebi Agbo
Tech Consultant
Greg Squires
Business Consultant

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